Friday, March 09, 2007

buttons for everyone!

i've gotten a lot of emails and comments about the new robot buttons. and that made me super happy. if you'd like 4 buttons (all hand drawn) please send a self addressed stamped envelope to :

ben and robot
207 woodland estates drive
baldwin n.y. 11510

also if you wouldn't mind putting in a buck or a nice little note inside that would rock.

ben and robot.


Sarah Gee said...

Yay for buttons! :)

Kaikai said...

I expect buttons when I see you next. fair warning. :] hehehehe.


baby_blue said...

yay for sending more little robot clones out into the world!



Anonymous said...

Sweet! I'd love a button! But why in hells name are ya selling them for free?

Karen said...

I want. Prepare yourself for a nice little note, but not for a dollar because then when you get both(!) of them you will be surprised. *readreadread* Oh crap.

Michelle said...

:) I just sent my letter ben!

Anonymous said...

Eren wants.

Jeric said...

Wah, I thinkt it might be kinda expensive to send an stamped envelope - because I am from germany (hell, but I am soo happy that I found this page again, I have almost forgot that it exists)

Sarah Betterton said...
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Sarah Betterton said...

do you still have buttons?

Anonymous said...

are you still making them Ben? it's 2010 and that post was from 2007 and i really want those AWESOME buttons :D i'll give you two bucks! or four if ya want!