Friday, May 19, 2006

body art!

thanks to all of you who sent in pictures. you rock.

eliot phillips from hack-a-day sent in this.

cristina sent in this.

karen sent in this.

keith sent in this.

shana kim sent me this.

charlotte sent me this, this, and this

and kai sent me this (it's got nudity! so make sure you like naked bits before clicking. hehe.)

thanks again to all of you! and thanks to everyone that digs my robot. hehe.



Saueguden said...

I'm a little disappointed at fjosk (emilie)... she said that she would like to send you a picture, but she didn't :( She even drawed robot on her hand on friday.

Fjosk said...

sorry...:( I forgot... A little late now i guess:P