Monday, February 13, 2006

check please!


Anonymous said...

<3 those are the guests tickets i use at work. and the cooks hate me cause i draw ridiculous things on them (by ridiculous i mean beautiful!!) - heather

Erica said...

Hey ben! This is like the installation in the back room at the tribes! Was yours up on the wall too? Or were you inspired? I wish there was more light back there to read them all. Happy Heart Day! <3, Erica

Sam said...

Hey, Ben! Long time no, uhm, post!
The Check thing made me think of this movie, 100 Women, about a cartoonist guy. He draws on those a lot.
Good movie. Starring Chad E. Donella.
Congrats on your second visit to, I go there religiously. But, I fear I must part. Awesome drawings as always, Ben!

Organic Robot said...

Why do you rock the fuck out? *shivers*